Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sons&Daughters of Liberty

The sons and daughters
Were the ones who were not afraid they boycotted against the Stamp Act,Sugar act, the Townshend Act and more.

The Daughters of Liberty
Were successful Colonial American group.Abigail Adams and Deborah Franklin are two of the daughters.All the daughters did mass spinning bees where they organized in various colonial cities to make homespun substitutes.Besides that all the daughters became instrumental in upholding the boycotts particularly where there was tea involved.Some woman were not sympathetic to patriot cause, but the ones who were displayed their loyalty by participating in boycotts like the tea act and the stamp act.The name "Daughters of Liberty"
was inspired from the Sons of Liberty.They were found somewhere in 1776 in Boston.

The sons of liberty fought
Against British tax policies.They had many rituals all around,the clubs could of been found up and down the colonial sea bored.Their secret clubs had secret code words,medals and symbols,the sons originally formed these groups because of the stamp act.The Sons of Liberty did what most clubs would of done.Threats and intimidation where their weapons were against tax collectors causing most of them to flea town.The groups started in Boston in 1765 but soon there were groups in every colony.Some of there names are Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin,William Pitt and John Hancock.The name "Sons of Liberty" started when someone called them it and the name stuck.

There fore the Sons and
Daughters of Liberty were a big part of the boycotts that were against the people of the British tax policies.They protested against the Stamp Act,Tea act,Townshend Act and more.

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  1. Do you think that this was a successful rebellion that impacted our history?